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Handcrafted Shampoo Ceramic Dish

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These handcrafted ceramic dishes are custom-made by ceramicist Keita Tsutsumi to hold our bar products! You can use them to hold our shampoo, conditioner, or facial cleansing bars.

We are so grateful for these beautiful pieces that are made exclusively for Félin Lune Apothecary and we hope you will love them just as much as we do! The large dish holds two products, while the smaller one holds one.

Note: These will not fit our full-size soap bars unless you cut the soap bar in half!


Small: 2.5" x 2.5"

Large: 2.5" x 5.0"

About The Artist

Keita Tsutsumi is a small batch potter working out of Tucson, Arizona.  Ever since he was little he's had, if not his hands, his heart set in clay.  His favorite thing about ceramics is the pure elemental process involved in creating a single piece. From the earth and water as materials, to the fire and atmosphere, to the energy it holds so well throughout the entire process, as it's held in your hands. He finds peace in pottery just as much as he draws power from it.

Instagram: kei_tsu_fire

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I now have three large ceramic dishes because I'm just obsessed. Each color is gorgeous and just looks so nice by the sink.

Also, I never realized the importance of the drainage holes before these but my soap finally dries between uses instead of just getting soft from sitting in a puddle


It’s such a beautiful dish!

Lesley A.
Beautifully crafted

I bought 2 small ones, one of each color and they are both beautifully handcrafted items, and they work well to keep the soap drained. Really classy addition to my bathroom.