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Ink Cream

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Our multi-use tattoo cream is formulated to be used as a tattoo ointment during tattooing, during the healing process and/or to keep your healed pieces nice and vibrant! Use in place of your usual petroleum-based tattoo healing products.

This product can also be used to keep your skin generally moisturized (even if you're not inked!).

Formulated using a combination of natural oils and butters, Ink Cream won't leave your skin feeling heavy like traditional petroleum-based ointments, and won't dry out quickly like traditional lotions!

This product is vegan, preservative, and fragrance-free, so please use clean and dry hands to scoop out the product!

Disclaimer: This product will melt in hotter temperatures. It will still be safe to use but the texture may change. Please read more here.



How to use

Apply a small amount directly onto the skin during tattooing, during the healing process, and/or on healed pieces.

Ingredient List

Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Calendula Extract, Vitamin E

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tattoo Cream is Amazing

I use it daily and it is so helpful.

Maggie Fitzpatrick
Ink cream

I love this ink cream. It feels so nice and natural. It makes my new tattoos and old tattoos feel so nice and hydrated.

Christina Mayeshiro

I love the way this lotion feels when applied. It brings out the color of the ink and I use it on my sons skin too.

Helen W.

This is an awesome natural alternative to aquaphor or A&D. It's super lightweight but is still able to keep my healing tattoo moisturize. Also lasts much longer on the skin than lotion. It also seems to help a lot with the itchiness that settles in once I start scabbing.